Pyranha Machno is here


The delivery of Pyranha’s new Machno (Medium now Large to follow soon) has arrived along with the first big storms of the season.


The Machno is positioned between the Burn and 9R with loads of bow rocker, plenty of volume and a wider but predictable hull with soft chines. The Machno is kind of replacing the Shiva (now discontinued) in the line up but with definite influences from the 9R and Burn. This should give a comfortable ride with the boat nice and high on the water and giving the paddler plenty of time to react and time strokes perfectly.

An added bonus is a changed thigh grip system which is being introduced to the range (9R, 9RL and Burns only). The new outfitting system will be know as ‘Stout 2’ it carries on with the gradual improvements and changes we’ve been seeing in Pyranha’s outfitting over the past few years. Its not revolutionary but it’s simple and seems robust which is good! In addition at some point soon we should be able to offer Stout 2 with a so called ‘Hooker’ upgrade kit for the thigh grips to offer even better adjustment and fit.

We picked our Medium demo and stock boats up at the Hurley Classic so feel free to pop in for a look or to try one out.


Size Medium
Length 265cm / 8′ 8″
Width 66.5cm / 26.2″
External Cockpit Length 90.5cm / 35.6″
External Cockpit Width 50cm / 19.5″
Volume 308l / 81.4gal(US)
Weight 21.5kg / 47.4lb
Optimum Paddler Weight 60 – 100kg / 132 – 200lb



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