The Pyranha Kayak Takeaway – 2019

So paddle expo has been and gone for another year and we’ve now seen everyone’s plans for 2019.  As ever Pyranha have been really busy, some boats we were expecting like the Fusion Duo while some announcements were more of a surprise with some classics getting a refresh  and some being consigned to history

Here are our 5 takeaways from the Pyranha 2019 workbook

1) New plastic…kind of…although Pyranha have been using MZ3 for a while, now they are really pushing the increased performance of the new material – it will be interesting to see if the Pyranha teams feedback is born out in everyone else’s experience!

2) We say goodbye to the B:Two; since 2010 its been a firm favourite of ours.  In its early years the 2 generation of the  Burn dominated the UK white water market and more recently the renamed B:Two has continued proved to be popular for new white water paddlers as more modern boats like the 9r and Machno filled its spot at the top of the range.  To be honest its probably about time but it will be odd not to have them on the shelf for the first time for nearly a decade. (we do still have a few left!)

 3) The Burn III gets a more prominent place in the range this year as a result of the B:Two going.  Available in either a lower priced Connect spec or the intermediate Stout spec this under appreciated boat keeps Pyranha well positioned for those wanting modern performance in the mid range price bracket.  Perhaps overshadowed by the release of the 9R shortly after it came out, the Burn III is a river runner that wont give you the feeling of being disconnected from the water, or floating over all the features but has enough volume for bigger days.  The Burn III ( do we need to keep calling it that now its the only Burn??) is a boat that should excel in UK style of rivers and is available in 4 sizes.  The small especially will be interesting to see in the Connect Spec as previous outfitting sometimes looked a little squashed in, slightly letting down an otherwise perfect boat for its target paddler. You can read a great review of the Pyranha Burn 3 here


4) A UK made duo!  The Fusion Duo is going to be the boat responsible for the best videos, the most laughs and the wildest stories and carnage for years to come.  Whether your sharing white water with a friend or partner for the first time or simply cruising along to the pub together the Duo will be the go to option.  We are expecting our demo to be in demand when it arrives. Check it out here.

5) Finally while the 12R and new 9R will get the headlines, with one being a very niche boat and the 9R II still to have its final design signed off I think its a small change of spec on the Pyranha Jed that will make the most difference to the most paddlers.  The Pyranha Jed is one of the best plastic boats on the market and a real favourite on the Thames Valley weirs. Last years Connect River option was well priced but felt a little lacking without the ratchets included – admittedly this was something that was easy to upgrade – but this year the Connect spec gives you the Ratchet Backband included without any change to the RRP which is great news.

(click on the video to watch the video.)



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