So last week we received our first order of gear from NRS and its safe to say we’re pretty excited about what we got!

First up we have the two new buoyancy aids, the Zen and the Ninja.

The Zen is NRS’ class 5 rescue BA, equipped with everything you’d need to beater your way down anything. The low profile design makes a nice change from some of the more bulky BA’s we are all more familiar with, while still having loads of space for all your gear with one main central pocket and a second pouch where you can store a sling and all your other safety bits and bobs. It comes fully equipped with a quick release safety harness and reinforced metal buckles on the side and shoulder adjustment for extra secure straps. The real selling point for the Zen however has got to be the fleecy hand warmers because lets be honest, who doesn’t love a good fleecy hand warmer?!


Whitewater The Canoe Centre NRS Zen PFD
Whitewater The Canoe Centre NRS Zen PFD 2











Whitewater The Canoe Centre NRS Ninja PFD

The Ninja is NRS’ answer to what we in particular want from a low profile Ai??BA. We think it will make an awesome BA for play boating as it sits nice and low on the body and is ridiculously unobtrusive. As soon as the weirs start kicking off again I’m sure these will go down a storm!

Now onto the shoes!

At first looks the Velocity boots come across as extremely rigid and sturdy. The guys at NRS seem to have nailed the sizing as well as they don’t come up small in the slightest. The Idaho soles are pretty neat as well with a subtle reference to their home state! The drainage holes on the inner arch mean that water doesn’t hang around for too long but you can still really make the most of those booties (we do not endorse booties). The gusseted neoprene tongue helps prevent debris and silt and all that other horrible stuff from working its way into your shoe, while keeping your feet nice and warm. The DWR-coated ballistic grade nylon upper is super resilient and “shrugs off harsh terrain” while the rubber overlays looks to simply add to the overall durability of the shoe.

Whitewater The Canoe Centre NRS Velocity Shoe
Whitewater The Canoe Centre NRS Velocity Shoe 2












Another new product we got from NRS were two different types of gloves. The Boater’s Glove and the HydroSkin Glove. The Boater’s Glove is a neat little glove that will protect your hands from abrasion from rope work and from too many callus’ as well as protect you from the sun with a UPF 50+ rating. The HydroSkin is also a really cool new glove as unlike many neoprene gloves it is only 0.5mm thick leaving them feeling light on your hand with next to no restriction in terms of movement. We’re not too sure how these thin gloves will hold out in really harsh cold weather they look like they’ll certainly keep the chill off on those winter sessions. The grippy silicon palms allow for plenty of control on the paddle and the PowerSpan exterior stretches four ways for freedom of movement. The liner, ThermalPlush, wicks away moisture while providing insulation. They’re also really easy to get on and off with the stretchy wrist cuffs.

Whitewater The Canoe Centre NRS HydroSkin Glove
Whitewater The Canoe Centre NRS Boater's Glove












Last but not least of our new stock is the NRS Co-Pilot knife.

The Co-Pilot knife is essentially the little compact brother of the Pilot knife with its compact design making it the ideal size to attach to your buoyancy aid while paddling. The quick release sheathing system makes accessing the knife when you need it as quick and easy as possible, while still being super secure. The Co-Pilot knife features a blunt end, that also doubles up as a flat head screwdriver, in order to prevent you damaging yourself or your kit. It also features both a smooth and a serrated cutting edge for all your cutting needs. Other features include a comfy contoured rubber grip, a bottle opener and an oxygen tank valve wrench!

Of course if there is anything else you want from NRS give us call and we’ll do our best to get it for you!

WWTCC NRS Co-Pilot River Knife
Whitewater The Canoe Centre NRS River Knife


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