A new era for kayak outfitting?

Launching alongside their new ReactR Pyranha have also taken their time and developed an entirely new seating system.

Everything you’ve come to know and expect from Stout 2 has been redesigned and improved upon. The new Elite system features a totally redesigned hull stiffener and seat pan. Adjusting the seat position has been made much easier! And simply loosening a tri-wingnut at the front/middle of the seat now allows for forward and backward adjustment. The thigh braces have been changed and now feature an adjustable hooker-style system as standard. There is a totally new seat pad, backrest which has a fun lumpy finish, which is very comfortable and supportive. Pyranha have also added a small pad to the side of the cockpit to make carrying boats (when on your shoulder) more comfortable.

Maybe the biggest move, however, Pyranha have now moved away from Ratchet adjustment for the backrest and opted for a rope and cleat system. Unlike some other designs currently on the market, Pyranha have mounted the cleats so that you pull the rope towards you rather than away to lock off, exactly as they did with the Rip-R Evo 2 F. This new outfitting system seems solid, light and very comfortable. Check the video below for more information or better still pop into the shop and give it a try!


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2 thoughts on “A new era for kayak outfitting?

    1. Unfortunately, I don’t think so. Although I could be wrong (i’ll try and get an offical reply from Runcorn)! The new designs going forward will have the new system though.

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