Lettmann Granate first Glimpse

We are very excited to finally have our hands on a Lettmann Granate which is the first creek boat made by the German company. You may have come across the Lettman Ergonom paddles, which are often regarded as the dog-do-dars for slalom and extreme races. This isAi??hardlyAi??surprisingAi??when you consider that Klaus Lettmann, anAi??Olympic medalist designed the boat along with Fabian Dorfler (the German slalom champ!)


  • Nice basicAi??comfyAi??seat with goodAi??opportunitiesAi??to pad it out for your bum.
  • Nice and fast in a straight line.
  • Really easy to turn on the flat.
How about that for a detailed analysis of a boat!

Here is a little video of order cialis 10mg tab it in action on the mighty lake.


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