Kokatat Maximus Prime PFD Review

We now have Kokatat Maximus Prime PFD’s in stock!

Overall we think this is a fantastic PDF especially when you consider is can be used for freestyle and river running. In fact its essentially the same as the Maximus which is used by Dane and EJ at the freestyle worlds but with a chest harness- a chest harness that is detachable anyway!

When we first got our hands on one it did seem quite bulky especially on the back as it covers a larger area of your back then say the Palm Extrem. However once your get it one you don’t notice it at all.

It’s a similar design to the Astral Green with the floating front chest pannel which you fasten at the front rather than over the shoulders. This seems to work very nicely and means that there are no buckles on your shoulders to dig in when you are carrying your kayak.

All-in-all a great buy for any grade 3/4 plus paddler who wants one PDF to do it all! Check it out in out shop here


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