How to keep your head warm this winter

As we all know Britain’s best whitewater season is winter, but the downside to this fantastic paddling season is that it can get rather chilly. So the name of the game is dressing appropriately, since up to 80% if body heat is lost through your head staying warm this winter starts with a toasty warm noggin.

There are a range of great products available in store now so lets see a quick run-through of whats what.

Playboater Ear-Wig

Classic design, the original skullcap more or less, certainly one of our biggest selling items since its release. A 0.5mm neoprene outer with a titanium backing reflects heat back to your head with the enhanced thermal insulation properties of titanium. Features a handy chin strap to keep it in place and comes in two sizes S/M/L and XL.



Palm Header Cap

The header cap features a slightly thicker 1.5mm Neoprene, and a another handy chin strap to help keep the cap in place under your helmet. However the extra thickness is which is nice is something of a trade off as this cap doesn’t feature a titanium lining. That being said the lack of titanium is reflected in the lower price. Available in One size fits all. And the strap is removable!





Palm Kosi Cap

Palm have used a stretch fleece fabric to create an ideal head warmer for gentle touring days or just to keep you head warm off the water. Ideal for canoe and inland touring, and other head dry activities this winter. Available in one size fits all.



Kokatat Surf Skin cap

Kokatats fantastic waterproof, windproof fleece material known as surfskin is now available in a well fitting cap. The fleece material is very comfortable and ideal for those sensitive to neoprene. Although it does not have a chin strap it does seem to be very warm. Available in two sizes Small and Large.




So there you have it, a few great options to keep you warm while you are out and about in or out of your boat this winter.


See you on the water


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