Is it in stock?

Everyone knows things have changed in the last two years when it comes to stock – suddenly lead times aren’t days but months.

Its frustrating and annoying for everyone – but made worse by some websites not showing live stock levels and in some cases even recommending you check with them before completing your order.

So we just wanted to let you know that if our website says it’s in stock we believe it is. That’s boats, paddles, and everything else.

We do make the odd mistake because its managed by humans, but in the last 12 months 99%+ of web orders placed have been dispatched the same or following working day – without asking for customers to wait for ages because we said it was available and it wasn’t.

Yes, our website shows more out of stock messages than we would like right now but we’d rather that than showing items in stock and disappointing people.

We’re still waiting on deliveries from Palm, Peak, NRS, Aqua-Bound, TNP, Yak, Dagger, Islander, Pyranha, Sweet Protection, P&H, Perception, Wave Sport, Tootega and others.

So whenever what you want isn’t in stock then drop us an email or call us and we can often reserve items for you from the pre-orders, or add your email address to the back in stock alerts.

We won’t ask for full payment until we have the stock here and available for you.


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