Choose Flatwater

The dry Autum has left us with a low Thames and ruled out our early morning pre work Sunbury / Shepperton paddles and the fun of Slalom in the evening we expect at this time of year. The cold hasn’t helped either but we’ve still been enjoying the river!



Get out your decent thermals, a set of gloves or pogies and a warm hat and take advantage of the calm and bright conditions.


Go for the exercise, go for a festive paddle to pub with your friends, or if you normally only paddle whitewater try jumping in a touring or sea boat maybe even a canoe! As ever before you head out check the conditions here at this time of year the levels can change quickly!



You can check out a list of all our demo and hire kayak here¬†and if the river conditions allow it come and have a paddle in something different. Yes the water is low at the moment but the rain will come, make the most of what you’ve got.


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