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We’re proud to be retail partner with British Canoeing and be able to offer our customers a great saving on their “On the water” membership, you will receive a voucher code with any purchase. We recommend it to paddlers of all disciplines when starting out, when you break down the benefits it is excellent value for the money.

Top membership benefits include:

  • Waterways license – this will ensure you can use your boat on waterways outside of your club sessions and trips.
  • Insurance – enjoy Combined Liability Insurance providing for legal liability cover following negligence, nuisance or trespass.
  • Boat Insurance – access to individual or multi-craft insurance to ensure your canoe, kayak or paddleboard is covered.
  • Communications – regular paddler-focused content and advice as well as discounted rates on magazines.
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Help Support Paddling

Being a member of British Canoeing, you will not only get great value membership, you help guarantee the future for our fantastic sport!

We exist to represent our members’ interests and to support the wider paddling community. 

We have launched Stronger Together, our strategic plan for the whole of the sport which will guide our work until 2021. You can see the details of the plan here. Your membership will help us:

  • Achieve greater access to our inland waterways as we know members and non-members are passionate about this. 
  • Work hard with key partners to lobby for increased access – we have published a statement which outlines our plans and proposals to address the challenges. This can be read here.
  • Improve canoeing experiences for everyone; from those exploring our inland waterways, to those paddling an exciting stretch of white water.
  • Support clubs, centres and volunteers around the country
  • Support the sports disciplines and our current and future Olympic and Paralympic Champions.


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