Whitewater Unplugged: Hanuman Airlines

We are honoured to have the legendary Sano Babu Sunuwar come down to our Demo Day on Saturday 16th at 4pm!!

Babu will be showing his epic film Hanuman Airlines followed by a Q&A session. Babu and his expedition partner Lakpa won the NationalGeographicAdventures of the Year last year. They climbed Mount Everest and then paraglided from the summit setting a world altitude record in the process. To round off the expedition they kayaked the Ganges to the Indian Ocean. Babu is a true inspiration and aAi??fascinating character to be in the presence of.

You can register your attendance for this Saturday and/or your interest in any talks that may happen in August when he comes through the UK. Our Demo Day remains totally free of charge but there will be a small fee to attend Babus film showing and Q&A session. Look forward to seeing you on Saturday.

Ai??Hanuman Airlines Film Trailer


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