The Ozone – The all-round River/Play king!

Trends change and sports evolve but sometimes going back to an idea with fresh eyes and enthusiasm is a good thing.

Trends change and sports evolve but sometimes going back to an idea with fresh eyes and enthusiasm is a good thing.

Back in the “naughties” the average play boat length was around 8 foot long. These boats were fast on a wave, super slicey, easy to get on end and were just all-round fun for both experts or beginners! Play Boating / Freestyle then went off on a slightly different path. Freestyle got more technical and the boats got shorter, perfect for the paddling elite doing really hard technical linked combo moves, but for the average joe on the water out for a good time they just don’t really work. 

Fast forward a decade or two and Pyranha seem to be feeling a little nostalgic too. Carrying on from a long list of river play designs such as the Ina Zone, Pro Zone and Sub Seven, Pyranha have now released the Ozone, a boat Pyranha hopes will let you enjoy every moment on the water.

However unlike its predecessors the Ozone benefits from a modern and comfortable seating position, it has great foot room and super comfortable outfitting that is solid and easy to adjust. Its a really nice boat to sit in and instantly gives you a desire to get out on the water and throw some shapes.

On the water the Ozone does all you hoped it would: its easy to chop ends in and tail squirt and moves around well on a wave. Being a bit longer the Ozone has good speed and is easy to move up and down a wave as well as carve from side to side. You can really drive it into moves, but (and this is where I think Pyranha have done really well!) Pyranha have managed to find the sweet spot between performance and forgiveness with this design, better than any river play design they have brought to the table before.

At the moment Pyranha have just released the medium size: Length 226cm – Width 63.5cm – Volume 216 L – Paddler Weight range 60 to 90Kg . Personally I’m 6 foot tall , 85Kg , size 10 feet and fit the medium pretty much fine. Pyranha do however have a large and small version of the Ozone due for release very soon! I believe moulds have been cast so it should only be a mater of weeks before the full line up is ready to hit the water!

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