Pyranha Firecracker: New freeride kayak

Pyranha’s latest whitewater kayak design is here!

The Firecracker is a freeride boat made for the people! It is shorter than many other whitewater river kayaks available, which means it is perfect, not only for artificial courses but for shallower, natural rivers around the UK. If you want to be able to pull stern squirts or send it off monster drops the Firecracker is more than capable of doing both.

This freeride river runner has plenty of volume in the front, especially around your knees. The generous nose rocker allows the boat to easily ride over waves and eddylines. The tail is slicey enough to get vertical and will easily allow you to initiate cool tricks. The wide-planing hull makes it a dream to surf and spin on every wave you come across. The Firecracker is Pyranha’s widest ever kayak design, clocking in at 66cm. Being wider than its contemporary whitewater designs and with soft flaired sidewalls makes the boat very stable and provides a solid platform for paddlers who want to work on developing their skills on whitewater. However, experienced paddlers will not be disappointed as the stable platform will allow them to get creative and express themselves with new moves.

Inside you’ve got Pyranha’s tried and tested Stout 2 outfitting with the option to upgrade to the hooker thigh grips for optimum connection to the boat. The boat will be available in three different sizes: 232, 242 (as seen here) and 252. Want a more playful boat? Then go for a size down or if you are after a boat to look after you on big water go for a size up! Available in Pyranha’s standard colour ways and for a limited time in this stunning sully blue. If none of these do it for you the Firecracker is also available on Pyranha’s customiser, so you can get creative off the water as well as on it! #setitoff

The Pyranha Firecracker is a compact halfslice, designed for playing whilst running rivers. No matter your age or experience. This freeride machine is made for the people!


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