Paddlesports Warm-Up Guide: Prepare to hit the water!

Do you typically warm up before paddling? It’s common to see people eager to hit the water without properly preparing their bodies. However, warming up is crucial for increasing heart rate, blood flow to muscles, joint mobilisation, and muscle range of motion. This helps reduce the risk of injury and improve overall paddling performance.

To assist with warming up before paddlesport activities, here is a short guide that only takes only a few minutes but can make a noticeable difference. The warm up includes five key points such as pulse raisers, shoulder mobilisation, shoulder activation, chest/upper back extensions, and hip circles. It’s also recommended to follow the on-land warm up with a warm up on the water if possible, or repeating the on-land warm up 2-3 times if not. An on the water warm up would include gently paddling for around 5 minutes and include a full range of paddling strokes. Incorporating this warm up routine into your paddlesports activities can help prevent injuries and allow you to enjoy paddling for years to come.

1. Pulse Raiser – Jogging on the spot/star jumps for 2 minutes

2. Shoulder mobilisation – Swims (front crawl motion), 10 each side, forwards and backwards

3. Shoulder activation – Arm circles, big to small, forwards and backwards

4. Chest/upper back extensions – 10 each side

5. Hip circles – 10 each direction

6. On the water warm up or repeat 1 to 5

Now you are ready to get out on the water and have fun. Happy paddling!


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