The Paddlesports Show is where all the manufacturers of paddle sports equipment go to show off their new products for the upcoming year. We’ve chosen a few highlights from this year’s show in Lyon, France that we are excited to get our hands on!

Pyranha Firecracker

The Firecracker is the latest Pyranha free river kayak with some design elements carried over from the Ripper and Ozone. Taking the Ozone hull as a starting point Pyranha have made it a little shorter, a little wider, with softer less boxy side walls and added more bow rocker. The Firecracker should be super playful but less agressive than the Ripper and Ozone. It’s a slightly shorter design than the Ripper with more volume and bow rocker than the Ozone. Pyranha are planning two sizes: M/L and S/M – with the M/L currently waiting on a few final tweaks before going to casting. All being well we hope to see these around Christmas and New Year with the S/M following later. RRP is £1295. Pyranha will also offer custom colours on this model and several others as well. Check out the below video with Mr Butler giving us the first look! Edit : the Firecracker is now available, but Pyranha decided it needed the full Stout 2 outfitting and so the price was changed to £1495 bringing it in line with the Ripper 2 etc.

Spade Kayaks Barracuda

This is Spade Kayaks new entry into the Slalom Cross category, so goes up against the Pyranha RIP-R-EVO amongst others. It’s a slicy and fast race slalom/whitewater kayak that will especially appeal to slalom paddlers as a river training boat and those who want one of the fastest Slalom Cross boats on the market. The deadline for boat designs that can be used in Paris 24 slalom cross is December, so expect to see the Barracuda in shops very soon! We are very excited about this one. From looking at the shape of the model in the video below we think this could be a design that really spices up the Slalom Cross world. Expected RRP is £1449.

Wave Sport Hydra LV

The Hydra needs no introduction having caused quite a stir across the paddling community with its radical hull shape and rocker. However, Wave Sport have now introduced the Hydra LV, which is the low volume version of the standard boat. Now smaller paddlers can also enjoy the outstanding performance of this playful sea/touring Kayak. Better still, from next year it will come in not one but two new colour designs: twilight and tropic.

VE Kayak Paddles

VE Lightweight Touring Paddles – We are big fans of VE paddles but our one gripe has always been their weight. VE have been listening and for 2023 have reduced the weight on their carbon and glass paddles by around 20%, mainly by adjusting the layup and weave size in the blades. The two-piece touring paddles now also use a plastic connector as opposed to a metal one, not only to save weight but also to stop any corrosion occuring. Good work VE.

VE Paddle Colour Updates – VE have just announced the new colours for their glass paddle range and they look fantastic: Lava, Sunrise, Storm and Marine. Due to land early next year but if you can’t wait check out the deals we currently have in our existing stock!

Aqua Bound Kayak Paddles

Aquabound Versa Lok System – The Versa Lok is Aquabound’s new adjustable paddle system, it is simple and easy to use either on land or on the water. The Versa Lok not only offers stepless feather adjustment but also offers an impressive 15cm of length adjustment. It will be available on their excellent Stingray and Mantaray paddles, helping the user find their optimal paddle length. Expected in store in January.

Palm Equipment – New Buoyancy Aids

Palm announced 2 new buoyancy aids at the show which is great news because Palm make some excellent PFD’s!

The Palm Riff is a modern low profile ‘do it all’ option that will work across lots of paddling disciplines. Think an updated and improved FX. We are expecting it to be in store early in the new year. RRP £135 RRP £149.00

There was also the Solo Vest, another low profile option but this time aimed at touring paddlers who want a slim line option with a front pocket. This PFD is a side-entry option with Gaia non-PVC foam and will definitely be one to try on if you’re looking for that perfect SUP option. The Solo Vest PFD is in store now! RRP £70. Buy the Solo Vest here.


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