As usual Palm have been busy working on their range of kit and this week we got the first boxes of the new 2015 products, mostly focused towards the whitewater side of the sport, with some favourites getting a bit of a update and a couple of entirely new products. Here is a quick overview of whats happened

Palm Surge Jacket

Not a new product this one, but Palm have introduced two vibrant new colours with contrasting waist tubes and zips, very much in line with the rest of their products and indeed the general fashion in whitewater cags and wider outdoor equipment ranges. The updated Surge has a simpler, cleaner look while retaining the features that made it such a popular option for all-round paddlers looking for a good product at a mid table price. A major part of the Surge’s popularity seems to be down to the 4D Cut which has been retained and gives a comfortable fit in the shop and on the water. The horizontal and vertically curved panels are cleverly put together not only to be comfortable but also help reduce the number and length of the seams reducing weight and possible points of failure. Palm don’t just think about how to make stuff look good!

Palm have taken a lot of time and trouble addressing one of the big failings of recent times that affected a number of products that used the XP2.5 fabric, namely taping issues; while the issue was traced back to some bad batches the jackets now boast improved taping materials and processes that should see the problem consigned to the past. (As a side note we should mention the Palm dealt with these issue about as well they could of, retaping or replacing products as needed). Another change in the 2015 Surge is the reinforced panels on the elbows have gone, we always felt these sounded good without really making a massive difference, the face material on the XP2.5 fabric is pretty tough stuff and will stand up to most paddlers demands unless regularly tackling steep rivers in remote and wild locations when it’s likely you’ll be looking at something more along the lines of the Palm Atom anyway.



Palm Zenith Long Sleeve Jacket


This is a new product and is available in male and female specific fits. Replacing the Flow and Swirl jacket respectively, it’s a semi dry cag with a neoprene glideskin neck, which some will be familiar with from the Palm Fuse. This is a definite improvement over the previous offerings being much drier and comfortable plus easier to put on thanks to some tweaks that have been made around the neck.

Featuring another set of bright on trend colours the new Zenith shares the same design features as the Surge Jacket so is sure to be popular for those who dont want or need a latex neck seal.


Palm Extrem Womens PFD

This isnt really a new product it’s the Luna with a new name and updated colours, a pattern repeated across the Palm Women’s products this year to bring a little more consistancy to the entire range. The Extrem still represents one of the only female specific rescue vest available in the UK and will be the buoyancy aid of choice for many paddlers wanting safety on the water and plenty of pocket space, a feature that makes this popular with coaches as well.

In our exprience it doesnt work for everyone but having the option availble is definitley a good thing.





We’ve put all the available 2015 kit online and will add new and updated products as they arrive, of course we have them in store as well so if your around come in and see us for a cup of tea and a look!







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