Introducing the Palm Tora Jacket: Big Versatility, Small Package!

The Tora Jacket is the latest addition to Palm’s lineup of touring cags and, in our opinion, it achieves the optimum balance of style, comfort, and versatility!

The Tora Jacket has been manufactured using the new XP 2.5-layer recycled nylon fabric, this allows it to be lightweight, packable, and breathable. This new fabric not only means the jacket has a lower environmental impact but also the material is of a high enough quality to withstand constant usage on the water.

A great feature of the Tora is how versatile it is, whether you are looking for a lightweight jacket for kayaking and canoeing but also stand-up-paddleboarding, the Tora is ideal for every one of these disciplines.

Features breakdown:

  • Quarter zip with zip dock and soft touch detailing on collar. The quarter zip allows the jacket to be opened up to allow ventilation, this isn’t going to prevent you from getting wet if you capsize but it will prevent draughts and splashes from irritating you. The collar design and zip dock are also extrememly comfortable and will prevent the zip from rubbing on the skin of the neck when paddling.
  • Velcro adjustable wrists with soft touch inner lining, these will seal up fairly tightly but some water may penetrate particularly if kayaking, for instance, this would be much less of an issue if canoeing or SUPing. If you are looking for fully dry wrists we suggest you take a look at something like the Mistral with it’s latex wrists or other options with tighter seals. That being said these will keep draughts and splashes out while having the advantage of being easier to take on and off and much more comfortable.
  • Velcro adjustable single tunnel waist with elasticated panel and grip strip. The elasticated panel combined with the grip strip and velcro means that the jacket will stay low and not ride up whilst paddling. A single waist tube means that it is super easy to put on and take off whilst reducing bulk and weight.
  • Spacious chest pocket. This good sized pocket will easily accomodate a phone, snack and keys but please be aware the zip is not water proof. So we recommend taking a look at some of the many specific drybags from Ortlieb and Aquapac to keep your more expensive items secure.
  • Volume adjustable hood. The hood on the Tora has been designed to adjust to the many weather conditions that the paddler may experience whilst out on the water, being able to cynch down in more windy conditions or open up to accomadate a helmet. However, if you prefer the hood can also be rolled down and secured to keep it out of the way.
  • Packable into the hood. Once you have rolled the Tora up there is a loop on the back of the hood and a hook on the volume adjustment elastic which keeps the whole jacket toghether in a tight, little package. This makes it ideal to store in your kayak or canoe to throw on when conditions change.
  • Technical specs – For those interested: breathability 10,000 g/m²/24hr (A-1 method), waterproofness 10,000 mm, fabric weight 95 g/m²

What stood out to me personally was that Palm have not just used tried and tested colourways for the Tora but have gone down a more natural, earthy, subtle colour route. The Tora jacket is available in Pumpkin and Navy for the men’s jacket and Pine for the women’s jacket. These colours allow the Tora to not only stand out on the shelf in the shop but also out on the water, giving a highly varied look to paddlers kit.

So what are you waiting for! Come down to the shop and check them out for yourself. #TakeaTora


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