Choosing a drybag for kayaking

Dry bags and waterproof storage are quite possibly one of the handiest bits of kit you can take on the water with you, outside of the fundamental boat, paddle and buoyancy aid.

Which type of drybag and what size you go for depend massively on what you plan on taking, and where you plan on carrying it.

Roll-top dry bags

Roll-top drybags are perfect for carrying spare clothes, a packed lunch, wallet and your car keys. They are also ideal for sleeping bags and camping equipment.

Light-weight drybags, such as the Exped Fold Drybag, are ideal for your towel or lunch while out touring, especially if they are being stored in a dry-storage hatch. They also work brilliantly to sub-divide your kit inside a much larger dry bag if you are overnight camping.

More heavy duty dry-bags however, such as the Ortlieb Medium Weight Drybag, are typically drier if closed properly and will provide better protection if stuffed into the back of a white water boat or lashed to the top of a SUP.

A good thing to remember is that you can always roll a big drybag smaller, but you can’t make a small drybag bigger.

Phone Cases

Products such as the Aquapac Small Electronics case allow you to keep your phone to hand and safe from getting wet, meaning you can make calls in an emergency, take pictures or even check the football score, all while still out on the water. It is always prudent to have your phone on your person rather than in your boat. Were you to become separated from your kayak, having your phone to hand will mean that you can contact help should you need it.

Watershed Dry Bags

For those of you looking to take anything of considerable value on the water, such as an SLR Camera, the Watershed Ocoee Duffel Bag is a dive-rated drybag which utilizes the ZipDry closing system which resembles an extremely heavy duty freezer bag closure. The Ocoee is the bag that all staff members at WWTCC use for carrying their cameras and first aid kits while out on the water.

Our 3 best-selling drybags are:

  1. 10l Ortlieb Medium Weight Drybag – The perfect size for carrying a change of clothes and your lunch.
  2. 3l Exped – Ideal for carrying your car keys and wallet to the pub.
  3. Aquapac Small Electronics Case – Fantastic for keeping your phone on your person and dry.

You can see our full range here.


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