A few words about the Pyranha Burn MKIII

Last week i had my olympic assesment at the Lee Valley White Water Centre. I was slightly apperhensive due to the lack of paddling i’ve had this year and i needed a boat that was going to bounce me down the course safely and the right way up. The boss suggested the Pyranha Burn III so i fitted out the medium and got my kit together and i was off.

We did an hour on the smaller course to warm up and as i expected the burn was probably a little bit too big for this. It was perfect for just getting from the top to the bottom but you can’t really play on any of the smaller features. Still i got a good feel for how the boat handled in moving water and it was a nice easy paddle before the assessment.

It was then time for the bigger course. I have to say the burn was the perfect boat choice (thanks pete!) and is probably what made me pass the assessment. It is ridiculously easy to roll, I literally learnt to back deck roll in this boat in 5 minutes it almost rolls itself. It has a brilliant compromise between being responsive and agile yet still super forgiving. Personally i haven’t paddled any rivers much bigger than the olympic course so i was skeptical but in the Burn i could float down the course effortlessly. The volume in the boat keeps it nice and high in the water which stops it slowing down in stoppers and holes, it punched through everything on the course no problem. Front surfing was easy, manouvering the boat was easy and basically everything in this boat was easy. It almost felt like i was cheating. It was obvious that the Burn’s potential stretches way beyond some grade 3 paddling on an artificial course. In terms of speed i think there are faster boats available but i’m not racing anyone. For the paddler who wants to push their paddling capabillities in a confidence inspiring boat the new Burn is perfect. Click Here for further info on the Burn Mk3


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