Yak Adventure Equipment Touring Range 2015

The Yak Apollo Jacket and updated Xipe PFD are the latestAi??bright new pieces of kit to arrive at WWTCC, the first pieces from the 2015 Yak Adventure Touring range of equipment.

First up the Xipe PFD, which had a facelift and some extra buoyancy added taking it from 55N to 60N plus some nice bright colours (Orange and Red with contrasting zips) to give a modern look and that is being used across the rest of the range.

The Xipe has always been popular because it was comfortable straight off the hanger and the 2015 edition has the same great traditional shape that narrows on the upper chest keeping any buoyancy away from your shoulders and arms.

At this price point the Xipe offers almost unbeatable storage space with two front zipped pockets and the huge rear pocket for hydration systems, while not feeling too bulky or untidy thanks to the chest strap being concealed behind the entry zip.


The Yak Apollo will appeal to touring paddlers for use almost all year round on the sea and inland; great features, nice fit, bright without being too crazy and great value.

The comfortable and versatile neck / collar system will cope with a range of conditions and it’s possible to get a really good snug feeling with everything done up, although with the hood rolled away it can feel a bit tight round the neck when the zip is done up, so it’s worth trying it with and without the hood tucked away. A really nice feature is the mirco fleece panel hidden behind those laser cut holes, just a little touch that adds a lot to the overall feel of the Apollo.


……and by the way that hood is bright!


When you feel the need to vent a bit of heat use the velcro tab to keep everything from flapping annoyingly in your face and that patch of velcro ‘hooks’ catching your face or neck. It may not sound high tech but the velcro adjustment is quick and easy to use and gives the best range of adjustment.

Lots of reflective elements and piping for extra visibility!



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