Pyranha JED first little paddle

Pyranha JEDThe JED (eye) is the new playboat from Pyranha. It replaces the Molan as their top end play boat with Connect 30 outfitting and the Molan is only now only availableAi??in Rapid Spec.

Ai??Molan V JED

  • Rail’s lady era pills … At long last and very much for the better Pyranha have finally dropped there slightly odd Vortex rail orAi??tucked rail what ever they called it for a moreAi??conventional and superiorAi??single solid rail, as a result the JED releases easier and quicker than the old Molan or 4Twenty.Ai??However you look at this its a massiveAi??improvementAi??and it works very well, thumbs upAi??all roundAi??here.
  • Design… in a world where most kayakAi??manufactures are producing fairly safe “baige” designs it’s nice to see that Pyranha are still producing nice boats. This is with out a doubt the best Pyranha play boat to date, and it’sAi??comfortableAi??too.
  • For spec and our prices check outAi??Pyranha Jed

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We have only managed to try it on the flat so far but here a a little vid.

You can read as many blogs or watch as many video as you like but come downAi??and try it and see for yourself! We have a demo.

Here is Pyranha’s Video


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