Dagger Jitsu and Contour Ergo Outfitting – Interview with Snowy at WWTCC

Mark ‘Snowy’ Robertson the head designer at Dagger and anAi??EnglishAi??expat living in the US wanted to give his colleagues Shane and Chris a real in-site into the UK market by meeting a few UK retailers. What better first stop after landing at Heathrow for some tea andAi??biscuitsAi??than WWTCC!

The first interview went on a bit so we did a rapid fire one licensed online pharmacy in india here about the new outfittings (Contour Ego) and new playboat – The Jitsu:


But if lady-era pills you do have a bit of time on your hands then here is the full fat version.



More on the Contour Pro Outfittings

dagger news outfiting  Contour Ego


Contour Ergo outfitting by Dagger

More about the Jitsu

The Jitsu in action

Dagger Jitsu


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