CORE WhiteOut Outfitting from Wave Sport

We got a chance to check out the new CORE WhiteOut outfitting from Wave Sport last week. Some of you may have realised that it’s remarkablyAi??similar to the Contour Ergo Outfitting from Dagger. Well, that’sAi??becauseAi??it isAi??basicallyAi??the same, apart from the graphic design and padding! Dagger and Wave Sport who are owned by the same company out in the States, have invested very heavily in creating this outfitting over the last few years. Snowy, theAi??chiefAi??designer at Dagger, who we interviewed the other week, led the project.

Check out the video below of the new outfittings in the long awaited Wave Sport ReconAi??(boat specs, more info and ‘in-stock notifications’ are on the Wave Sport Recon product page here )

Self-Expanding Foot-cups

These are spring loaded ‘cups’ for each foot which expand automaticallyAi??to the edge of the boat. They can beAi??easilyAi??fastenedAi??off with 2 screws on the foot cup. This means that its really easy to minimise the space around the bulk head and should stop your feet slipping behind the bulk head risking entrapment and/or serious injury. You can customise it with the foam that comes with it, but the system means that its also safe for multiple users to use without messing around putting foam blocks on the bulk head.

Double decker drinks and throw bag between you legs.

A great idea and it looks like it would work well but I feel there is a slight risk that lady-era pills it could create too much bulk between you legs. We would have to test it for real – I suspect it will be a love it or hate itAi??scenario. It will beAi??interestingAi??to see how it goes down.

Throw bag drink holder
Double Decker


What would you put in these? We have no idea but I guess they do no harm! They also provide better hull stiffness.

Extra Storage on CORE Whiteout
Cheese toastie for the river?

Front pillar

This is aAi??safetyAi??feature which makes the boat stronger at the front than the back so if you get pinned the back breaks first rather than snapping your legs. It also providesAi??strengthAi??to the boat it a position that will help you step or climb out the boat in a pin situation.


This sort of thing has been in touring boats for a while and we think its a good addition to WW boats. It Ai??was a littleAi??awkwardAi??to ratchet up while sat cheap real viagra in the boat but I’m sure people will get used to that. It does make you fit it super tight and snug in the boat which can only be a good thing.

CORE WhiteOut Leg Raiser
Wear that boat

Hip Pads

Nice and easy to adjust.

Hip Pads
Nice and easy to adjust

Tethered Nuts

Handy bit of rubber fit the wing nuts to the boat. Big like.

Tethered Nuts
Never loose you nuts again


Core WhiteOut outfittingAi??raises the bar and is almostAi??certainlyAi??the bestAi??outfittingAi??on the market for comfort and safety. The outfitting does squeeze the price of the boat up a bit but if your serious about comfort, safety andAi??performanceAi??then it’sAi??probablyAi??going to be a worth while investment for you. We don’t have any figures yet but it isAi??likelyAi??to add a bit onto the overall weight of the boat too. Everything looks like it’s built to last but with all the extra features you doAi??increaseAi??the chances of things breaking. The leg-raiser ratchet and the self-expandingAi??foot cups being the POTENTIAL weak spots that come to mind.Ai??WhilstAi??it would be a bit frustrating if they go you would be no worse of than you were before without them and they would be quite simple to fix.


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