Buck Redpoint Rescue River Knife

Ok so its not the cheapest river knife out there at A?54 but we think it must be one of the best. Note: We dont sell this online but please pop down the shopAi??and have a look.
Here is a video we have done:

Here’s why we like it:

Easy of opening

One of the main functions of a good river knife is the easy with which you can open the knife with just one hand. This is a critical safety feature with river knifes – If your are ever going to need your knife to save a life (perhaps your own) then there is a good chance that you will only have one hand free. The Redpoint Rescue has a littleAi??safetyAi??latch you press with your thumb and a notched wheel you turn with your free fingers. The balde then really easilyAi??locks into place for a ladyera solid use.

The Hook Knife

This buy non perscription elavil is a great little feature for cutting rope.Ai??ParticularlyAi??in a situation where you have rope wrapped tightly around someones flesh – the hook is blunt on the outside allowing you to get under the rope without cutting into any flesh! A bit gross but could be very useful.

The Blade

A great solid blade with halfAi??serratedAi??edge and half non-serrated.

Glass-breaking Nipple

It has a little sharp nipple on one end should you need to break any glass -Ai??unlikelyAi??on the river but maybe when yourAi??NepaleseAi??bus fall of the road.

Get A Grip

One you the best parts about this knife in the grip, shape and general feel of it in your hand. The Apple of the knife world!


Buck Redpoint Knife


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