Adventure Technology Paddles make a return to WWTCC……

Earlier this summer we were excited to receive a visit from the Hastings Blumer, AT’s product manager along with the team from Perception Kayaks Europe who going forward will be bringing the full range of Adventure Technology Paddles into the UK.

This is great news as AT have always had some excellent paddles, one the most unique ‘Ergo’ shafts, and have introduced in the last year or so a new range of touring and whitewater paddles based on the classic AT2 and some newer designs.

Since the range was last easily available in the UK things have changed a fair bit, with Confluence who own the Adventure Technology brand, refocusing their efforts on improving the build quality which in the past may have been open to question. Production of the entire range has now been moved back into North America and the traditional drain of talent away from the AT brand to other areas of the Confluence stable has been stopped. The end result was a successful launch of a number of new paddles at the Outdoor Show in the states last year.

Another exciting development is the introduction of a new fibre used in the construction of the whitewater paddles that AT are calling “Duraweave with Innegra”. All the evidence on show seems to suggest that this material used in both the blades and shafts of the Whitewater range adds considerable abrasion resistance and makes the blades less likely to splinter or delaminate following big impacts. Certainly AT’s tests results seem very impressive and we were particularly surprised by the strength of the shafts.

As well as AT’s unique bent shaft, sometimes know as a pistol grip style or as AT refer to it as their “Full Control Grip or FCG” (check out the video below if your unfamiliar with it) you will also find features such as Unibody construction where the shaft and blade of the paddle are made as one piece, as well as more common Foam Core technology and carbon and glass blade options across the range.

We are currently stocking a selection of the Sport and Advanced series touring paddles the Pursuit, Oracle and the Odyssey in both straight and Ergo shafts, which all feature an adjustable ferrule allowing for both unlimited feather choice as well length adjustment.


The full whitewater range is due to arrive in the UK for the season and in the meantime we have the Titan the introductory Whitewater paddle featuring a carbon blend shaft with nylon blades. Available in lengths up to 210 cm this might be just the paddle for you if your using a popular cross over kayak. The whitewater range comes as standard with a 30 degree feather although custom builds will be available if you’re feeling patient! Personally we’re all trying to work out whats going to be the best option for the return of the Thames weirs!






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